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The MLi Support Action will deliver the strategic vision and operational specifications needed for building the European MultiLingual data & services Infrastructure, formulate a multiannual plan for its development and deployment, and further the multi-stakeholders alliances ensuring its long term sustainability.

These outputs, arising directly from widely-recognized LT experts and backed by consensus among research, commercial and professional stakeholder communities, should help decision makers and sponsors at EU and Member State levels to support the deployment of the infrastructure and its various multi-lingual components.


The scope for MLi Support activities derive to a large extent from the initial definitions and requirements sought for the Multilingual data and services infrastructure. The production of the MLi project outputs described in the previous section must simultaneously take into account three dimensions: the technical aspects of the infrastructure, the managerial considerations of the MLi, in terms of future operation, governance and sustainability, and the strategic aspects linked to the extension of the infrastructure in the coming years. While the latter is a relevant aspect of the context/landscape for the MLi Support Action, the technical and the managerial dimensions constitute the centre of gravity of the action for the consortium and this project as a whole.

The scope is complemented by the aspects related to eliciting input from and formalizing the support and commitment of the various stakeholder communities (public and private; research, industry, services).

Tangible outputs

Vision & Specifications

Functional, technical and operational specifications of the infrastructure

Multiannual roll-out Plan

Individual stages of development

Governance model

Sustainable administrative and operative model

Stakeholders alliances

Commitment to support the deployment of the MLi and its usage

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